Annotated Bibliography of Systems Theories

Topics: Systems theory, Sociology, Complex system Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Annotated Bibliography of System Theories

BSHS 312
15 Oct 2010

Annotated Bibliography of Systems Theory
Team C searched the internet and professional journals of counseling, social work, employee assistance, and other human services fields for two or three articles on systems theory and its application to human services workers.  Then Team C had meetings, presented and discussed the articles that were found. During our meetings, we were able discuss the importance of each article that was found and respond to each other’s articles. Here are the results of the information that we gathered. Bustrum, J. M. (2007, Fall). The butterfly effect: How systems theory shows up in contemporary psychoanalysis. The Family Psychologist, 23(4), 14-17.

The Butterfly Effect article encompasses systems theory in understanding how it interacts with psychotherapy. Bustrum (2007) states that “recognizing on a heart level that there is not one but two subjectivities alive and well in the room, each attempting to influence, interact, and engage with one another, has forced me to re-conceptualize my own activity from that of an objective listener to what Fosshage (1997) calls a subjectively organizing perceiver of events. Coburn (2000) reiterates that the ‘subjectivity of the analyst…influences the outcome of the analytic relationship far more than what was traditionally imagined’” (p. 16). Flamand, L. (2010). General Systems Theory in Social Work. Ehow. Retrieved from System Theory is a theoretical and methodological practice with different ranges of disciplines. Social workers use system theories to help in understanding family dynamics and to educate and promote healthy family structures (Flamand, 2010). System theories help to figure out when responsibilities in the family are not working properly. System theory helps in policymaking by improving living conditions and creating social equality....
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