Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Homosexuality, Adoption, Foster care Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: October 29, 2012
April 18th 2012
Pre AP English II
Annotated Bibliography

Stone, A.. "Both sides on gay adoption cite concern for children." Usa today. Gannett Co. Inc., 2006. Web. 18 Apr 2012 The article is about a couple who is gay having to move in order for both gay parents to get custody of the adopted child. It talks about the statistics of foster care and the number of kids being adopted right now. The numbers are very low and even for gays, its extremely low. It also states that gays are some good candidates for adoption but not being bias towards either side. The author Andrea Stone, is very credible, having worked at AOL before joining USA Today for 24 years. Her education being the University of Ontario and she earned her Bachelor’s there. She went on to get a Master’s from Columbia University. Stone is currently a senior correspondent with USA Today and has covered a variety of topics in her career.

Gandossy, T.. "Gay Adoption: A New Take on the American Family." cnn u.s.. CNN, 2007. Web. 18 Apr 2012. The article is about the feelings of a gay couple and their adopted child from Guatemala. The child faces barriers like Mother’s Day and other holidays for women. His gay parents say he sometimes asks about them and they have to suffice him with an answer that he does not have a mother, but instead a plethora of aunts and grandmothers. Some statistics are given in the article about gay parents adopting compared to straight parents. No biased information on the page at all. The author is Taylor Gandossy. Gandossy worked at Mercer before joining the news team at CNN. Her degrees are in Marketing/Business Development and in public relations. She attended University of North Carolina as well as New York University. Craft, C.. "The Basics to Gay Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples." Gay adoption basics. N.p., 2009. Web. 18 Apr 2012. The article is about tips on gay adoption and how to proceed a certain way with adoption for gays. Things like the state law as...
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