Anne Frank - Analysis

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Analyzing Anne Frank

Choose a character and analyze what influences his/her situation, growth, and motivations

Analyzing Anne Frank
Times during World War II were very challenging for many people. It is very difficult to imagine how hard lives were for Jewish teenagers, adults, and people off all ages during the war. Many teenagers and adults today who were not born in the early 1900s find it hard to relate to all the events, emotions, pain, suffering, and hardships people have faced back during World War II. For a young girl like Anne in The Diary Of Anne Frank by Anne Frank she shows many readers her point of view of the hard times living in the stressful time period of World War II. [THESIS STATEMENT] Analyzing Anne Frank's character and what influences her situation, growth, and motivations in The Diary Of Anne Frank. [1] In the beginning Anne's situation is very eventful and there are many things going on for her all at once, [2] From the start of the play towards the end her character's growth changes increasingly all through the time she spends in the Annex, [3] Her emotions and motivations were discussed very deeply which impacted on the way she acted towards her family, Peter and the Van Daan's and the way she cares for everyone during Hanukkah. [TOPIC SENTENCE #1] From the beginning of the play and from where she stands as a young thirteen year old girl entering the Annex, there are many things happening in her situation involving her fear of the Nazis taking over Amsterdam, and discovering that her best friend, Jopie de Wal is gone. In the beginning, with all that is going on, she feels a little upset, curious, and confused about what is happening. When she first enters the Annex in Act 1, she already starts imagining her situation more positively than anyone else and she is beginning to look at life differently as time progresses. Anne says, "You know the way I'm going to think of it here? I'm going to think...
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