Anna Karenina and Brothers Karamazov Discussion Using Moral Approach

Topics: Marriage, Ten Commandments, Anna Karenina Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: February 12, 2009
Balbuena, Glaiza T.January 23, 2009

Anna Karenina and Brothers Karamazov Discussion Using Moral Approach

In Anna Karenina and Brothers Karamazov novel, Anna cheated her husband the same with Dimitri who fell in love to Grushenka while he is engaged to Katerina. As we can remember, Dimitri was attracted to Katerina and they had sex, later on had seen and fell in love to Grushenka which makes the situation complicated.Because Katerina is already in love with him and on the other hand Dimitri wants to leave her and marry Grushenka. Now, one of the Ten Commandments of the Lord is that “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery”, which has been committed by Anna Karenina and Dimitri. Though Dimitri and Katenina had not yet married but still he betrayed her in a way that his not honest with his feelings. In Christianity, no matter how small or big your reason is,it is still cheating and it is a sin. Especially committing an adultery to the person whom you had promised to give your love and life forever. On the same novels, Kitty had rejected Levin in the first place which was similar to what had done by Alyosha to Lise. As time goes by, they had both realize that they must give them some chance to show their love. And Kitty had fell in love to Levin just like Alyosha to Lise. In Christianity, we must not close our eyes to the things that are coming into our lives because rejecting is not a good thing to do especially in God's eyes. In short we must give some chance or at least a little care for us not to hurt feelings.

These two characters,Levin and Alyosha has similarities. Levin was a religious and a believer of God just like Alyosha he has great faith in God and a good servant of Him. Alyosha was a good son of his Father, Fyodor. Because despite of his father's cruelty he still care, love and respect his father and remained tame. In Christianity,no matter how cruel or selfish that person is we must not neglect them instead we must show our...
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