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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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This movie shows the differences between two persons personality, cultures The Oriental culture represented by King Mongkut and the Occidental culture represented by Anna.This differences strated when Anna came to Siam with her son Louis to teach the children of the King. Anna is direct person she says what she thinks, she has a strong character and the king is an inflexible person with a good heart and a strong desire of make his people progress without forgetting their own culture but he is used to be treat like a god because in the Siam culture the King is treat like a god, everyone have to venerate the king by kneel down in front of him and it was not allowed to anyone to look at him at the eyes but for Anna the king was an important person who deserved respect and her way of showing was making a bow and talk to him looking straigh to his eyes because for her not looking to a person when they were talking was unrespecful. Anna and the King talk to each other and she told him that she denies to kneel down in front of him because this was not her culture and that she was a guest so she just will made a reverence to show her respect to him, and the king agree with the condition that her head should not be over his head. Other cultural difference that they experience was when Anna found a Slave outside chained because she has been punished for trying to buy her liberty, she didn´t like this and she went and talk to the king about this injustice, but for the king this was a normal thing and she explain to him that people shouldn´t be slaves because they are human beings just like any other person, when the king heard Anna reasons he decided to talk to the owner of the slave and give the slave her liberty. Another cultural difference is what happened with Tuptim the favorite concubine of the king who was already engaged when brought to the court. The King is kind to her, but she's too unhappy and at last runs away, disguising herself as a young man and joining...
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