Anime Is Not a Cartoon

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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I. Introduction

II. What Anime and Manga are?

III. Fundamental characteristics of the Anime

IV. Classification of the Anime.

V. The Otaku

VI. Japanese language problem.

VII. Conclusion.

ANIME IS NOT A CARTOON, BUT PEOPLE DON’T REALLY KNOW ABOUT IT! Anime is the word for the Japanese cartoons but is not as United States cartoons. Anime is the term used in Japan to refer to animation in general. This is directed to all the public, from kids to teens and adults. Its content ranges from love, adventure, science fiction, children's stories, literature, sports, fantasy, and eroticism and too many others. The anime is traditionally hand drawn, but now it has become commonplace in computer animation and are televised. In nowadays it becomes popular around the world. And many people are adopting the customs events and traditions like Japanese otaku parties,. Also there is a problem with the time of dubbing and the reproduction of the series, as well as some similarities and differences between the comic and anime. Manga is the word that Japanese from nowadays call "comics" or "cartoon". In the eighteenth century drawings designated Japanese painter Hokusai, mixing images and text, then continued to use this word to other works, more or less fulfilling this requirement. However, the real start of the Manga as it is known today, came in 1947 with Osamu Tezuka, a broken doctor that copied the Disney style, creating a history of robots that became famous quickly, and in less than five years, and had created more than five new series, including the most famous and is known Tatsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), his most famous creation. However for the Japanese “Anime“cartoon it refers to any animation, in the West this word is to refer to the cartoon that originated in Japan. The TV Anime, born in 1962, with the series Manga Calendar, which aired on June 25, 1962, and continuing until July 4, 1964. But the...