Topics: Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney Imagineering Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Animatronics was developed by Walt Disney in the early sixties. Essentially, an animatronic puppet is a figure that is animated by means of electromechanical devices. Early examples were found at the 1964 World Fair in the New York Hall of Presidents and Disney Land. In the Hall of Presidents, Lincoln, with all the gestures of a statesman, gave the Gettysburg’s address. Body language and facial motions were matched to perfection with the recorded speech. The abbreviated term originally coined by the Walt Disney as Audio Animatronics which is used to describe the mechanized characters, can be actually seen in the various forms as far back as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Automata Lion, which is theoretically built to the present lilies to King of the France during one of his visits and has now be developed as the career which may be require combined talent in the Mechanical Engineering, Casting/Sculpting, Control Technologies, Electrical/Electronic, Radio Control, Airbrushing. Long before digital effects was appeared, animatronics were making the cinematic history. Animatronics is theuse of mechatronics to create machines which seem animate rather than robotics. Animatronic creations include animals (including dinosaurs), plantand even mythical creatures. A robot designed to be a convincing imitation of a human is specifically known as an android. Animatronics is mainly used in moviemaking, but also in theme parks and other forms of entertainment.The technology behind animatronics has become more advanced and sophisticated over the years, making the puppets even more realistic and lifelike. Animatronics is used in situations where a creature does not exist, the action is too risky orcostly to use real actors or animals,or the action could never be obtained with a living person or animal. Animatronic systems can be implemented using both computer control and human control, including teleoperation.
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