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In the very beginning of its time, animation was created for the pleasure of only the artist, but it has evolved with time to become a form of entertainment that brings pleasure to not only the artist, but also a wide variety of audiences. I believe that there are limitations with animation just like there are limitations with any other art form. I agree with Walt Disney and the historian of popular culture’s statements, but when it comes to what the other mentioned critics suggested about animation, I disagree.

Cartoons and animation are a wonderful medium through which humanity can convey imagination. When taking a look at some of the prolific works of animation, such as the brilliant animated film Fantasia, you will find a combination of whimsical imagery with the likes of some of the most profound classical music and orchestration. One of Disney’s classic animated features, Fantasia is certainly not, “Best suited for the mindless entertainment of children.” This was far from what the creators of such a remarkable piece of art wanted it to be. There is so much imagery and meaning behind such animated films that the simple mind of a child

The only reason, I believe, that some people think that the advances in animation have become limited is because there is so much more animation that is created now than ever. People have more of a standard to judge these cartoons by. But back when there were only a few cartoons, like Tom and Jerry and the Looney Tunes for example, it was a fantastic way of channeling the human condition through to children as well as adults in a simplified and imaginative way. Cartoons spur humans’ imagination beyond measure. They show the world in a way that real-life film cannot. For example, look at the Looney Tunes series produced by Warner Bros. This series goes to show that the effects and stories that animators are able to exhibit in cartoons and animation belong to a different set of rules than reality does. One example is seen...
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