Animart Pet Store

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Animart Pet Store
Animart, a pet store started its business in Madison in 1982, and has grown via these years by meeting the customers’ needs, providing products, service and knowledge to let the pet live longer and healthier lives. Animart Pet Store is always known as a creative pet store in pet industry since their innovative ideas, such as having an annual pet fest that is just like a festival for pets and their family, and you can also learn a lot about a variety of pets on the fest. Besides, all the owners, managers and workers of Animart are pet enthusiasts and professionals whose home has a wide variety of pets. It is Animart’s goal and vision to create “What a pet store should be.” Animart believe that every home would have a pet and every pet would have a pet.

Although Animart is already a very successful and popular pet store around the world, there is still something that I think it can be improved. I have a dog named Febe. My father bought her since I was seven years old. We always play together and have fun then. However, as I grew up and entered into junior high school, the time I can be with Febe become less and less. Nowadays, many pet owners like me have to go to school or work and hardly to be with their pets. Hence, if Animart can have a pet restaurant that pet owners can eat with their pets there, it must be really nice then. Pet restaurant provides not only pets’ food but also human’s that the whole family (include pet) can enjoy the meal together. Pet restaurant can let the owners spend more time and create more memories with their pets. Customers come to pet store to eat and interact with the staff or even become a member of the pet restaurant. In this case, pet restaurant can be related to behavioral and relations components of Schmitt theory. On the other hand, there are some limitations about pet restaurant, such as the restriction of the customer range which only attract the customers with pets.

Sometimes, we will have vacation...
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