Animal Farm Comprehension Questions

Topics: Animal Farm, Leon Trotsky, Soviet Union Pages: 6 (2032 words) Published: January 22, 2013
1. Writing as if you were speaking in Napoleon's voice talking to the other animals, explain why Boxer is sent to the Knacker's.
Comrades of Animal Farm! We are gathered here today not to mourn Boxer but to understand him. You see, Boxer was a great worker, he had two great ways of looking at life. 1) "I will work harder!" and 2) "Napoleon is always right!" In these two ways, Boxer was right. But you see, Boxer was not who we thought he was. Boxer was a mischievous horse and he working for Snowball! You see, comrades, it turns out that Snowball was not on but he was actually sneaking around the very grounds of Animal Farm! His plan was to infiltrate Animal Farm by. Converting our best worker into a double-agent, a spy, and a sabotaging (insert adjective here)! And furthermore, it worked. Squealer was doing his routine act of informing when he came upon Snowball and Boxer discussing these no-longer confidential plans in this very barn! This, comrades is why I have called this meeting to order. I couldn't have all of you grieving over something that is not worthy of :insert emotion here: So carry on, comrades and know that he died for a reason. forward, comrades! If you believe this is hard, then think about this, do you really want Jones back? Snowball and Boxer would have found a way to bring him back, and as your leader, I could not let that happen. I brought you all here today to tell you this, that I have rid us of a backstabber and doublee-crosser. Long live Animal Farm!
2. Animal Farm is an allegory. Find out what an allegory is, and in your own words explain what you think George Orwell is trying to explain about human behavior through this story about animals. Describe three characters with human personality traits that are universal and timeless, and speculate on what kind of people they represent.

An allegory is a story, poem, or picture that symbolizes a "hidden meaning" or maybe an idea. In this case, I believe that George Orwell is intending to symbolize politics and more specifically, socialism. In socialism, distribution of the output was decided by individual contribution. For example, the pigs claimed they were contributing the most via brain power and thought and therefore needed more food than the other animals. One character that has universal and timeless personality traits is Napoleon the pig, and leader of Animal Farm. Napoleon is power hungry like a lot leaders and eventually, in my opinion, becomes corrupt. He might represent ::::insert leadership role here:::. Another character with timeless personality traits is Boxer and well, the rest of the horses. Boxer was an extremely hard worker and adopted the motto "I will work harder". Boxer even started getting up a full hour earlier and stayed up later than the rest of the animals just so he could work on the windmill. For these reasons I believe that Boxer and the horses represent the working class. A third character with universal personality traits is Mollie. She is vain, conceited and wants the best for herself and is not concerned with the rest of the farm. She eventually abandons animal farm and decides to live on another farm so she may have more sugar cubes. This is the case with a lot of people. I believe Mollie represents the upper-class.

3. Research propaganda and its techniques. How does Napoleon use Squealer for his own propaganda? Explain at least three techniques of propaganda and describe how Squealer uses these on the animals. Why do they work?

Napoleon uses Squealer for his own propaganda by "advertising" how great he is as a leader, how Animal Farm has significantly improved, and how Napoleon is in control. One method of propaganda is called glittering generalities. This method uses very "glittering" and positive language that make the listener feel great. The words suggest a very positive meaning but since the words are so...
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