The Animals and Obituary Boxer

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Boxer’s Obituary
Boxer was always a strong horse, born on the pastures of Kent, son of Patricia and Frederick. Boxer grew up being a strong shire horse, he was one of the favourites on Animal Farm but he was more brains than brawn. Boxer played an instrumental role in the battle of the cowshed in hope to drive Mr Jones and his men away from the farm. He also helped quite a lot in the mighty construction of the windmill, which was later knocked down. Boxer had many companions at Animal Farm, such as clover the other horse he shared a stabled with. He was very liked around the farm and earned an animal hero first class medal! Unfortunately he couldn’t get past the letter D on the alphabet, even though he did live to be about 11 years old. Boxer was a simple horse. He believed in the revolutionary process and in the goals of the pigs. Sometimes there are sacrifices for the greater good and he would have been pleased to be sacrificed. His answer to every problem, every setback, was 'I will work harder!' - Which he had adopted as his personal motto. Another quote of his was, 'if Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.’ Boxer contributed most to the building of the farm was later shipped off to slaughter because he was ‘no longer able to work.’ As the animals said, he was to be taken away to the knackers, in desperate hope the animals tried to get him out of the van but failed. Later on that day he was made into glue. Overall Boxer had quite a good life, but it was ruined at the end for he is taken away to be made into glue, such a sad ending for such a grand horse.

Charlie Pree
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