Animal Farm Chapter 9 Analysis

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: March 12, 2013
In this chapter we can see Boxer apart having split his hoofs in the Battle OF THE Windmill he insit n working harder t built another windmill. Boxer adopted his personal motto “I will work harder!” (Orwell 18) after the first harvest following the rebellion. This was his motto throughout the book until he was sold by the pigs. He did not know that Napoleon was taking advantage of him and he did not know his fate so he continued to work harder without questioning Napoleon’s leadership. In the end his qualities of working hard were the ones that killed him. It could be seen as the fault of Boxer himself for his death. On the whole farm no one worked as hard as him. In the days before Snowball was forced to leave the farm the only thing Boxer had to do was work in the fields but once he left was when Napoleon made everyone work harder on less food. Boxer, as always, worked extra hours on the windmill even after it was destroyed two times. Because of this, even after Boxer died, Napoleon could use him as an example to the other animals and say that they should work as hard as him. The three main qualities of Boxer that bought him to his end were being hard-working, brave and loyal. Boxer's death in this chapter marks him as the most pathetic of Orwell's creations. Completely brainwashed by Napoleon, he lives (and dies) for the good of the farm — a farm whose leader sells him to a knacker the moment he becomes unfit for work. His naiveté in looking forward to his retirement and pension fulfills the promise of the white line down his face, which Orwell tells the reader in Chapter 1 gives him a "somewhat stupid appearance." Even when stricken and unable to move, Boxer can only consider what his ailment will mean to the windmill, and his pipe dream of retiring with Benjamin and learning "the remaining twenty-two letters of the alphabet" is as far-flung as Snowball's utopia and Moses' Sugarcandy Mountain. The beginning of his major problem was when he adopted the maxim...
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