Animal Farm by George Orwell: a Review

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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George Hardwell10/10/10
Animal Farm: review By: George Orwell
Chapter 1: The story starts with the owner, Mr. Jones, forgetting to lock down his farm because he is drunk. When he goes to sleep, the animals of the farm hold a meeting in the barn to hear a speech from a boar named Old Major. Basically, the boar speaks about how man has just used the animal for their resources such as eggs and meat, and they should get revenge on them. After the boar speaks about his dream where the animals live a happy, human free life, they all agree that anything that had wings or walked on four feet, was an ally and anything that walked on two feet was an enemy. The owner, hearing all the commotion, shoots his gun and quiets everything. Chapter 2: Two pigs, named Napoleon and Snowball, emerge as leaders because of their intelligence shortly after the death of their friend, Old Major. The pigs plan on carrying Majors plan. A philosophy called Animalism is created by another pig named Squealer, which is then taught to all the animals, who had trouble learning it at first. A Raven named Moses, who seems to be on the side of Mr. Jones, flies around spreading rumors of a land where all the animals travel to die. This place is called Sugarcandy Mountain and the animals kind of enjoy this idea of a place because it is said to have sugar growing on its hedges. Mr. Jones begins drinking a lot and forgets to feed the animals. Some of the cow’s break into the store shed and begin eating food but the workers walk in on it and begin whipping the cows. Shortly after that, the other animals drive the workers off the land. All of the animals then sing a song called “Beast of England” which was created by Old Major. The pigs replace the sign on the front gate with a sign labeled “Animal Farm”. The cows are milked by the pigs and when they come back from harvesting, the milk is gone. The animals also destroy anything once used on them as “slaves”. Chapter 3: The animals do fine...
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