A Young Mans Thoughts Before June the 16th

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, Dogs Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 27, 2013
As the story starts the pigs appear to be hard workers for the best interest of the other animals and the farm .The pigs win loyalty of all the animals on the farm .Before Old majors died he gravitas put pigs in leader position .After 3 months of the farmers departure from the farm ,the pigs taught themselves how to read and write in secrete , which gave them the power over the other animals. Pigs made their lives hard , so they had little opportunity to consider their position they had to survive on a daily basis. All the animals gullibility makes it easy prey for the corrupt leaders. The pigs then presented the 7 commandments to the animals .These were the rules they were supposed to live by . The apples were set aside for the pigs they justified their sacrifice as eating the apples , because they were the brainworkers and needed the nutrition . Squealer stated that the pigs did not even like milk and apples were the only thing they wanted and they were only doing this for the common good of all the animals. The animals worked hard at harvesting and the pigs encouraged them also but refused to help them . Yet none of the animals complained . the pigs set up their headquarters in the harness room . The pigs then studied more and this results in them claiming superiority over the other animals . Most of the animals had reading skills but never tried to further their knowledge or understanding of humans . Snowball simplifies the 7 commandments in a maxim ‘’ FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD ‘’. He was even able to drive the birds away. Snowball’s concern was the birds had two legs he forms group of animals to help arrange the other animals . He was always looking for ways to have more control over the other animals . Napoleon took the puppies away from their mother and went against the principles of animalism and broke on of the 7 commandments . Napoleons dogs later did not...
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