Animal Experimentation - title

Topics: Animal rights, Animal testing, Human Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Animal experimentation
The topic that I have chosen for my research paper concentrates on animal experimentation which has been a controversy issue for many years. In fact, countries still still have problem with this because, it involves animals to be used to test chemicals. There are two sides of this issue in which people debate between advantages and disadvantages of animal testing. It is very hard to say that if animals have rights or not, therefore, it has remained to be controversial. As a result, animal testing has been one of the most important branches in testing and research throughout the world. Although many don’t agree with this fact, it’s commonly accept in our society. These days, animals serve different purposes in science such as, drug, cosmetic, nuclear and research. One of the significant reasons that they have been chosen to be tested is because their bodies are very similar to human body. Personally, I decided to do research on this particular topic because of its importance in human life. When I was younger I was always interested in finding dead animal bodies and find their similarities with our own. I was reading different magazines related to animals, and it was very fascinating how they could be beneficial to human kind. One In addition, it interests me because by learning and testing animals we can help millions of people who are suffering due to incurable illnesses. In other words, it’s hard to imagine without testing all those treatments and drugs on animals that we have today. Technology has proved us that we are surround by many thing in our natural environment that can help to improve quality of our lives. My main goal to write about this topic is to share my opinion about exterminating animals and their benefits in our lives. However, some people are opposed to the idea of using

animals for our medical research purposes. They believe other strategies can be...
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