Animal Testing

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Eddie Sanchez sanchez 1 Ms. stewart
4 December, 2012
Animal Experimentation
Is it wrong to experiment on animals for our own benefit? Many may disagree and believe its immoral and shouldnt be done. Science and manufacturing need animal experimentation to prevent harm to humans because it helps to develope cures for disease and to save humans from experimentation. Animal rights activist oppose the use of animals for medical research arguing that it's cruel and immoral. The truth is some of the animals dont even suffer. Many people dont understand that because of animal testing many medical advancements have been made. Animal experimentation has created a safer environment for humans. Millions of animals are used in biomedical experiments every year. Testing is used by scientist worldwide to find causes and treatments for thousands of medical conditions( Without animal testing causes and treatments to thousands of medical conditions would not be known. We would still live with polio if it wasn't for animal testing. Animal testing helped find the cures for polio, small pox, rabies, etc( If it wasn't for the monkey that was first injected with the polio disease the may never have been discovered. The injection was proven safe so it was used to save millions of lives. If we ever want to find cures for major diseases.If diseases such as AIDS and cancer are ever to be cured resaerch on animals will have to continue( Deadly diseases are allways going to be around unless we continue to research on animals.With continuous research one day we may find a cure for a major illness. The FDA requires that all newly developed drugs to be tested on animals( This is in case any negative effects occur we will know before it is used on humans. If we want to improve in medical advancements animals are allways...
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