Animal Cloning for Human Consumption

Topics: Meat, Agriculture, Genetically modified organism Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: October 21, 2012
After many long hard working days, I was trying to utilize my time wisely by catching up with the news on the internet. One of the article form Washington Post caught my eyes, with the title “Clone-Generated Milk may be approved”. The article is over one year old, where have I been around those days? I paused for a second and tried to comprehend the facts about science. The agricultural industry has observed a voluntary FDA moratorium on using the products of clones, but it has recently become clear that a few offspring of cloned pigs and cows are already trickling into the food supply. Many in agriculture believe such genetic copies are the next logical step in improving the nation's livestock. (Justin, 2005, pp. 2) “Americans at the beginning of the 21st century are consuming more food and several hundred more calories per person per day than did their counterparts in the late 1950s. Now more than ever, America is a Nation of meat eaters. In 2000, total meat consumption (red meat, poultry, and fish) reached 195 pounds (boneless, trimmed-weight equivalent) per person, 57 pounds above average annual consumption in the 1950s. Each American consumed an average of 7 pounds more red meat than in the 1950s, 46 pounds more poultry, and 4 pounds more fish and shellfish. Rising consumer incomes, especially with the increase in two-income households, and meat prices in the 1990s that were often at 50-year lows, when adjusted for inflation, explain much of the increase in meat consumption. In addition, the meat industry has provided scores of new brand-name, value-added products processed for consumers’ convenience, as well as a host of products for foodservice operators’. (United States Department of Agriculture [USDA], 2002, pp. 3). Those reason above might be one of the many reasons that lead farming industry to desperation level and desire to produce more food at an advance level. Let’s take a step back on this Due to the supply and demand concept, we have...
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