Anglo-Dutch Trinity 1824

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Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824 was signed between the British and Dutch governments. It is intended to remove all outstanding disputes and friction between their commercial agent in the East. Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824, which is designed to solve various problems arising from the British occupation of the Dutch hotel during the Napoleonic Wars, as well as issues concerning the right to trade there for hundreds of years in the Spice Islands of both countries, is a agreement to discuss various issues and does not clearly reflect the limitations of development by both sides in the Malay world. Formation of Singapore English in the Malay Peninsula in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles aggravate tensions between the two countries, especially the Netherlands claimed that the agreement signed between Raffles and Sultan of Johor is not valid, and that the Sultanate of Johor was under the scope of influence of the Netherlands. Questions about the fate of trading rights in British India and the Netherlands before the Dutch property in the area are also a point of dispute between Calcutta and Batavia. In 1820, under pressure from British merchants with interests in the Far East, negotiations to clarify the situation in Southeast Asia.

Negotiations between the Canning and Fagel began on July 20, 1820. English Dutch insisted on leaving Singapore. Indeed, Canning was not sure the exact situation in which Singapore is obtained, and initially, only the issues of non-controversial, such as the right of free navigation and the elimination of seizures has been agreed. Talk about the subject stopped at the date of August 5, 1820, and did not return until 1823, where in the commercial value of Singapore's well recognized by the English. Negotiations continued on 15, December 1823 in which the discussion became centered on the formation of a clear environmental influence in the region. Netherlands, Singapore recognizes that growth cannot be overcome, pressed for change in which they leave their...
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