Angel of Mercy

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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l oDo you agree with the view that Mary Seacole, and not Florence Nightingale, was the real ‘Angel of Mercy’ in the Crimea?

An Angel of Mercy refers to one who is caring, compassionate, and full of kindness, gives hope to others, love radiates from them, and love is given without an agenda of their own. A healer of soul and body. Also known as the grim reaper of life, as the angel of mercy is the last spirit that is seen on passing. As it is the angel to end the pain and suffering on one’s life and returns them home. On this definition, I strongly agree with the statement that Mary Seacole was the real Angel of Mercy. Mary Seacole fits this description of an Angel of Mercy perfectly, for her efforts in the Crimea were selfless and she had suffered and done more the Nightingale in these aspects.

The sources show that both nurses had a positive impact on the Crimean war. Source U shows the hospital that was maintained by Nightingale, showing that she performed effective medical care for troops wounded in battle. The lithograph shows the conditions of the hospital after the arrival of Nightingale, other sources and accounts of the hospital prior to Nightingales arrival state that the conditions were awful and disgusting. Source U shows a clean and perfectly sanitary hospital, which supports the image of Nightingales genius. Other sources also say that these dreadful conditions caused many of the illnesses, so Nightingale’s improvements on the facility would have drastically changed circumstances. However, it could be argued that Nightingale’s accounts on the conditions on and before her arrival were exaggerated, and that she did not do much at all, further stating that this source is a piece of propaganda that praises Nightingale. In contrast to this, source V details the work performed by Seacole. It says that she was "attentive to their practical needs" and that the men felt at ease with "Mother Seacole." This account shows that Seacole did more...
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