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Choose the E-Casebook topic which most interests you and which most resonates with you in terms of your insights into A Mercy, and write an essay which applies ideas from at least three E-Casebook articles on that topic to the novel.

This is the final out-of-class essay you will write this semester. As such, the essay should demonstrate critical inquiry and sophisticated analysis in terms of understanding and writing about literature well beyond where you were at the start of the semester. Additionally, as the final out-of-class essay, I expect your grammar, mechanics and style to reflect attention to detail and careful proofreading.

Anchor your essay in a solid, well-written thesis. Use specific quotations from the novel, as well as quotations and ideas from the articles, to substantiate your purpose. Do not just drop quotations into your essay; instead, include an attributive phrase (articles) or set up (novel quote) before each quotation.

Your essay must include the following content or you will have points deducted: 1.References to at least three articles (via direct quote/citation, paraphrase/citation) 2.Quotations selected and ideas presented must relate to a central, sophisticated purpose and this purpose and its implications/significance must be articulated in a deep and meaningful way in terms of your analysis and discussion of the novel. This analysis and discussion should include the following: a.At least four quotations from the novel

b.At least four direct quotations from the articles (correctly cited in MLA format) c.At least four paraphrases or summaries from the articles (correctly cited in MLA format) 3.A Works Cited page with at least four entries (the novel and at least three articles)

**Anything that is not in quotation marks must be in your voice. Also, remember that you must cite both direct quotes and ideas from any articles. Not following these guidelines means that you are plagiarizing.

Additionally, you will...
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