Android vs Ios

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Google’s Android is an open source software stack for mobile phone and other devices which you can use all the Google apps you knows and loves. This open source code is good because no industry player can restrict or control innovations or any others. Android the world’s most popular mobile platform since users can create a unique mobile experience just right for themselves. The programming language for Android is Java, which is the common programing language used by developers. There are following advantages of Android, first is consumer has a wide range of mobile applications to choose. Second is customizing since customer can design the application by they own. Third is multitasking which means you can browse Facebook while watched the movie. Last but not least is phone options are diverse since Android is available on the mobile phones from various manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and Sony Ericsson. However, Android is likely to experience some problems as well. Android operating system is unstable while it operating any complicated features. In addition, Android is an open source operating system, hardware makers can use it to do everything they want you may find inconsistency in applications design. There have some outdated version emerge on some mobile devices.

IOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. IOS system just support Apple’s product such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and apple Tv,it’s not an open source for other devices which are non-Apple hardware. Apple users download apps in Apple’s app stores, which contains more than 700,000 IOS applications. On September, 2012 Apple’s IOS is launched, it’s free and easy to upgrade on your Apple devices. The new IOS 6 give users more features to make the things they do every day even better and clear, it includes map kit, social integration, game kit and so on. As for the advantage of the IOS platform is iPhone is easy to use and figure out even if you do not use that...
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