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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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The definition of Androcentrism is, “an ideological focus on males and men, and issues affecting them, possibly to the detriment of females.” Theory and reality is that humanity is male and man defines woman, not in herself but as relative to him. Looking through many different theories, cultures and history, it is proven and shown that males have always been the center of society. The real question is should males be the center or society, what gives them the right because everyone is supposed to be made equal?

Feminine Mystique was considered as the problem with no name. Here the females were often considered the “no name”. The illustration given was a mother, all her kids left for college, and now they question who they are. They cannot be a mother anymore due to her children living on their own, they are growing up and she is growing older. She in fact has no duty and in her mind no purpose. This way of thinking is very interesting to me, why does someone, a female in this case need to be defined through another individual? In my eyes, I see male and female different as they are unique and their own people in their own unique manner but I do not see them different in terms of being so weak and gentle as they are seemed to be.

Typically when one studies history over the years and even in the school system what is written in the books is another case of Androcentrism. It is not until I studied and analyzed gender issues not only in the class but applied it to my life, did I realize it is everywhere and it always has been. I question why I am just now realizing it, and it is because it is considered normal, I grew up learning this never questioned it because it seemed as one of those situations to not question. Through the Judeo-Christian Theology and Theory, their are goddesses’ and gods, yet no female could ever attain being a god the highest ranking they could earn would be a goddess. There were numerous goddess such as: Aphrodite, the goddess of love...
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