Andrew Robinson Goes to Taiwan

Topics: Contract, Term Pages: 4 (1661 words) Published: September 17, 2012

Abhishek Kulshrestha

Andrew Robinson Goes to Taiwan
Background. There was no doubt that Andrew as a software developer was exceptionally brilliant at what he did. Having joined the subsidiary of a major multinational telecommunications equipment supplier in Sydney; Telequip, was a feather on his cap. Having lived in Australia all his life, and not knowing a single foreign language was only the beginning of his problems with the Telequip-Taicom assignment. On hindsight, Andrew seemed to have a very sorted and satisfied personal life and a contractual agreement of this kind was a jolt out of his comfort zone, which is something he couldn’t handle to the best of his capabilities. The only stock-in-trade that he possessed was his outstanding technical skills as a software programmer and troubleshooter and his well honed experience as a developer in the telecommunication industry. Problem Analysis. Keeping the above data in mind let us survey the prevalent conditions of the contractual environment of this Telequip-Taicom assignment. Firstly, as short term as the assignment was, the terms and conditions were not taken seriously by either company. Both the companies evidently took a very parochial stand on their approach towards the completion of the project. There was not adequate planning with regards to the compensation that was to be borne by both the companies on behalf of their employees. There wasn’t much anticipation with regards to the work environment and the points of barriers that the employees and consequently the project would be faced with. The companies arrived on consensus on the factors regarding the time-factor that would be required to set-up the new system and get it going, but the basic skeletal framework was missing. Furthermore, choosing a person who despite being brilliant at his work but quite close-fed with regards to his background was not a very wise decision. Secondly, dividing the...
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