Analyzing Data Checkpoint

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Analyzing Data
September 2, 2011
Don Shultz

Analyzing Data

The five basic steps that are required for analyzing data using Microsoft Access according to the article by Samuels and Wood (2007. The steps are to gather the data, create a database, edit and validate data, connect data files, and perform queries. The first step is to determine exactly what analyzes you want to perform and ensure that you gather all that is needed. Keep in mind to import into Access it has to be formatted properly as an excel document. The second step is to create a database. This can be done by opening Access and creating a blank database (file, new, blank database). You will be prompted to name the database and where you would like to save it. Step three is to edit and validate all data. Be sure to have a primary key and that all data is valid. If the data were imported without, identifying a primary key or the data is “dirty” or not valid these issues can be addressed by using the utility queries in Access. The fourth step is to connect data files. When multiple data files have been imported into tables, edited, and validated, you need to connect the tables by creating relationships. Typically, a relationship connects a primary key in one table to a regular field in another table. For example, the Customer Number in the Customers table (a primary key) can be connected to the Customer Number field in the Sales table. You also need to establish a relationship between the matching fields in original tables and their validating tables. In our example, you would establish a relationship between the Customer Type field in the Customers table and the Customer Type field in the Customer Types table. Repeat this step for all validating tables. Using the five basic steps help diagnose problems if a user is has problems they can always backtrack their previous steps to diagnose the problem. Although when validation rules exist, you may come across a problem when trying to...
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