Checkpoint Business Models and Systems

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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A local business that I use the services frequently is Kmart. I shop at the store for all my non grocery items. However, I have bought groceries at Kmart before. The three main components of this company’s business model are Business Commerce, Business Occupation and Business Organization. Kmart experiences Business Commerce when the company exchanges the stocked products for the customer’s money. The company has a wide variety in shopping to make this possible. The store offers everything from clothing, toys, electronics, lawn and garden to groceries. The store also offers other amenities that trade services for money, such as a pharmacy, layaway system, and an in store fast food service. Business Occupation is the set of skills Kmart possess, which allows them to create value in the goods and services that they offer. Kmart offers extensive training of the employees. They invest store space and money into the layaway program that is currently not offered at Wal-Mart or any other competitors in the same industry. Business Organization is the tool Kmart empowers to shape and control the behavior of other people to produce goods and services for the company. Through the years, Kmart has lowered their prices compared to other local businesses. The company started a couponing friendly system and a rewards system for loyal customers. Along with this, Kmart offers weekly discounts on certain items by producing a weekly flyer ad. Kmart also offers employee discounts, retirement plan and other health benefits. I personally, love shopping at Kmart vs. Walmart for the reasons stated above. Kmart took a negative hit a few years ago and closed several of their stores and sold out to Sears. However, I think Kmart is on the rise again in our local town. I would love to see a completely turnaround within the company.
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