Analyzing Casino Money Handling Process

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Case 5: Analyzing Casino Money-Handling Processes

Casino Slot Machine Drop Process

With retrieving the keys taking 15 minutes, removing and tagging each bucket taking 10 minutes, filling up the cart with 20 buckets equating to 200 minutes (10 x 20), and delivering a cart taking 30 minutes, it would take 3,465 minutes to deliver 300 drop buckets to the hard count room or 57.75 hours. The keys only have to be retrieved once and 15 carts have to be delivered. (15 + (((10 x 20) + 30) x 15)) = 3,465 / 60 = 57.75

Hard Count Process Flow

In order to complete the hard count process for 300 slot machines it would take 2,100 minutes to each be weighed, 900 minutes to be wrapped, 1,125 minutes to be canned, 1,125 minutes for each can’s report to be finalized and 450 minutes to verify there were no variances in each can. When adding these process times up and the 10 minute scale test, you have 5,710 minutes or 95.17 hours. After the coins have been weighed and recorded they are dropped into a conveyer belt, which transports them to wrapping machines. The wrapping machines are able to wrap the coins at a rate of 250 coins per minute (into 10 rolls). Therefore, since each bucket contains 750 coins, the wrapping machines are able to wrap the contents of each bucket in 3 minutes. The time it takes to wrap all of the coins from all 300 machines is 900 minutes. Adding an additional wrapping machine will allow the casino to cut its wrapping time in half, and wrap the same number of coins in 450 minutes. However, this may not be the best investment of saving time in the hard count process. As discussed above, it takes the casino 2100 minutes to weigh and record the coins from all of its machines based on a rate of 7 minutes for each bucket. If the casino, were to purchase additional equipment for its weigh and record process, it could cut that time in half and save 1050 minutes. Of course, the cost of the equipment in both cases would have to be considered....
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