Analyzing and Interpreting Data

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Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Team “A”
Mona Anderson, Jeanine Camacho,
Mary Hopkins
April 25, 2013
John Carroll
Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Our team has collected, summarized, and interpreted data from the employee survey during the third and fourth weeks of investigation. Findings from the first survey reported that a second survey will be pre-tested before distribution to the employees to ensure effectiveness. The survey questions will be written differently or a new set of questions will be addressed. The intent for the new survey is to analyze and interpret the new data from the second survey prior to making suggestions to senior management regarding the source of employee dissatisfaction prior to creating a model that predicts employee resignation. Summarizing and Presenting Data

Our team made revisions from the week two report based on a previously unidentified problem relating to the staff’s weakening morale and a high turnover rate at Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Incorporated. Summarized surveyed data in the BIMS case study will be analyzed by computing descriptive statistics in the form of tables, charts, measures of central tendency, and variability. Conclusions will be drawn from the data and recommendations of the management will be identified. BIMS Overview

Barbara Tucker works for Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. and her position is the general manager of Douglas Medical Center (DMC). Tucker’s duties are to oversee three division managers responsible for the food service, hospitality, and maintenance divisions at DMC. The total of staff at BIMS is 452 workers. The turnover rate because of low-skill nature of the positions, is usually 55% to 60% (which is common for the industry) at DMC. In the last four months the turnover rate has increased to 64%, causing an increase in turnovers, costs, an increase of sick time, workers wasting time in the day, work quality has declined, and complaints from the administration at DMC are increasing. Because of the staff’s weakened morale and the repercussions it is causing, and after discussions with the three division managers, Tucker has approved the suggestion of surveying the workers to get to the root of the problem. The human resources manager for DMC is Debbie Horner. She has been assigned as the leader of this project. Horner is competent in employee motivation and will compile the employee survey and a data sheet that will analyze the answers to the questions that were asked on the survey. The survey will be administered to nearly all of the 449 employees excluding the top management team. Research questions asked are about working conditions, quality of training, and level of compensation, shift hours, job security, internal company communication, and fair treatment. After the survey is completed, compiled, and interpreted, Tucker may come up with an explanation. Data Collection and Data Type

The data collected was performed through a written survey. As McClave, Benson, and Sincich (2011) state: “a survey [is where] questions are asked and recorded…” (p. 15). This survey dealt with 10 questions answered through a Likert Scale system of one to five, where one is very negative and five is very positive. At the end of the survey there were four additional questions coded under A, B, C, and D. Because many people view surveys as a waste of time, which explains why only 78 employees responded, even though the survey was sent out to 449 employees. This survey equaled a response rate of only 17.3 % of the employees surveyed. Also the questions used within the survey to assess the cause of the recent higher turnover rate were too vague. Therefore, this has caused the team to evaluate whether these questions should be considered or should be removed. The type of data collected from the survey is of both qualitative and quantitative data measures. For instance, the last two questions coded under C and...
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