Analyze Globalization's Role in the Development of International Business.

Topics: Globalization, Sweden, Middle East Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: November 18, 2007
Analyze globalization's role in the development of international business. In today business world, globalization seems to be an important tool for businesses to positioning themselves in borderless trade system. As we all know that globalization is the worldwide trend which economics of every country all over the world become integrated to another. This integration phenomenal is cause from technological advances, the flow of capital, free-market capitalism, lowing tariff barriers, privatizing enterprises, and the migration of people across international borders. In the mean time, globalization can also descript when businesses are expanding their operations to new countries or marketplace also. In a global marketplace, any company from any country can become a competitor to the other. Most of company tend to change themselves from "domestic-only" – companies that do business only within their own country – into multinational company or seeking new opportunities to go aboard by expanding their market, moving their facilities into developing countries, or diverse themselves to another region such as having their headquarter in Northern Europe and having their branches in Europe, North America, or South East Asia. Since Fashion became more idealistic and individualization; most ideas came from all over the world with magazines and recently the internet. Thus the fashion industries are become more global. As a topic is to analyze the globalization's role in the globalization processes and forces that have been the development of international business; therefore I we have chosen the Swedish clothing chain Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). The chain was founded by Erling Persson, a Sweden, in 1947.

Case study: H&M Clothing Company – Bullishness Swedish company in fashion world. Company Facts:
Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is a Multi-national fashion clothing retailer from Kingdom of Sweden. H&M opened its first store in Sweden in 1947. At the end of 2006, H&M had 1,345 stores...
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