Analysis Passionate Year

Topics: Grammatical mood, Fiction, Verb Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: April 14, 2012

The text under analysis is written by James Hilton, England writer, who took education in Cambridge where he wrote his first novel, "Catherine Herself". Also he is famous with his books "We Are Not Alone" (1937), "Random Harvest" (1941), "Nothing So Strange" (1947), "Time and Time Again" (1953). The theme of given extract is describing teacher’s behavior in nonstandard situation. Idea is relationships between students and teacher, teacher should be tolerant everytime. The genre of the story is novel. This text we can divide into three logical parts: first part depicts the tense atmosphere in a class; second explains a conflict between students and teacher and solution of it; the third part describes the dialog between two teachers: Speed and Clanwell. The plot structure concludes all parts: the exposition (the description atmosphere in the class), the story itself (students’ desire for making a fool of teacher), climax (teacher’s solution – penalty), closed denouement (last part of the story). The form of narration in the text mainly is represented be indirect speech, the third person narration, but in the story itself and denouement we see a dialogue. There is one main character – teacher Speed, and some minor characters, they are students Worsley and Naylor, teacher Clanwell. Emotional atmosphere changes during the text. In the beginning and in the middle it is tense, in the end it is bright, ironical. Author chose emotionally-coloured words (titter, to make a fool etc.). In general there are simple sentences in the text, in compound sentences we can see polysyndeton. Lexical devices are: epithets (outrageously bold adventure, bright boy, ), metaphor (the most dangerous weapon in a new Master's armoury, entirely without incident), irony (to make a fool), simile (Speed felt rather as if he were sitting on a powder-magazine). Author used them for create certain atmosphere. In the text there are many adjectives (for describing some...
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