"Thematics, " by Boris Tomashevsky Summarry

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in "Thematics," by Boris Tomashevsky he disscuses the difference between plot and story, most people think their interchngable but this is not the case. Story is the easy way to say what the event and characters are doing and going through. plot is how the story is set up, what events are told first and who is the narrator.

story shows a connection on causeality, this means on event in the story causes another. this differs from plot in a way becasue plot is the chronalogical order of things as they appear in the literature.

narration is a big part of any work of liturature simply because depending on what type of narration or who the narrator is it could dramaticaly effect the plot of the work of littiture.the two main types of narration is limited and omniscient. omniscient never spesifies who the narrator is , although the narrator knows everything even personal thought of the characters. a limited narrator is when the narrator is an actual character and the story line is told through their percpective and has an explination on how they know about it. these two main narrative styles are the only ones their are oftern mixed methods.

Boris Tomashevsky uses "the caliph stork" as an example to disscuse the differences between plot and story. if the narration would have followed the herion of the tale from the begining it would have had the same story line but the plot would have been alter, because some event would have to moved as in which order they would be told but all the facts of the story line would remain intact.
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