Analysis Oh Rhetorics

Topics: Rhetoric, Regulatory Focus Theory, English-language films Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Ugochi Okorafor
Composition and Rhetoric
August, 31, 2012
Analysis of Rhetoric's
The tone of voice Brutus used in his speech was subjective and also persuasive. Brutus wanted the citizens to know that he did the right thing by killing Caesar. Brutus specifically states that he killed Caesar for the love of Rome. Brutus also states that Caesar was ambitious, which is used as a negative connotation in the speech. In the speech, Brutus tries to gain the citizens respect while explaining himself. Brutus displayed strong emotions, which is portrayed throughout the whole poem. Brutus wanted the citizens to agree that killing Caesar was a good thing and not a mistake. Also in the speech, Brutus used a lot of rhetorical questions which also helped establish a serious tone.

On the other hand, Anthony's speech was not as subjective and serious as Brutus presented. Anthony displays a sly tone when he talks about Caesar. When Anthony says, "I came to bury Caesar not praise him" he is creating a realistic tone for the citizens. Anthony was much calmer in his speech than Brutus was when he stated evident facts. Whereas, Brutus wanted to persuade the citizens. Anthony did not portray a lot of emotions in his speech because he mainly focused on facts. However, Anthony did not really say a lot about the killing. Anthony was very fond of Caesar but not enough to grieve heavily for him. There are in fact keen differences between Brutus and Anthony's speeches. Brutus had plenty more emotions than Anthony. Also, Anthony's speech was not to gain sympathy like Brutus' speech was. The reoccurring commas in Anthony's speech helped establish pauses that created his tranquil yet logic diction. One can believe that Anthony had a more unprepared speech than Brutus because he paused after all the comments from the audience. Between both speeches, there was not a single use of Allusion used. It is evident that the main focus was on the diction and punctuation in the speeches.
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