Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, Emotion, Killer Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: October 10, 2010
I believe that the rhetorical strategy of narration is both seen differently in the article, “Unnatural Killers”, by John Grisham and the article, “The Case Against College Athletic Recruiting” by Ben Adler. Both appeal emotionally to the reader but one is a lot more logical in its approach then the other. In both articles i read there is strong narration right at the start of the paper. one thing i noticed that these articles are very good at doing is appealing emotionally to the reader. Even though Adler and Grisham do this very well there audiences are very different. In “unnatural killers” I saw a lot more of a southern conservative view on things. Adler is very careful in his paper on who he’s trying to target. He talks more about the individual people involved and how it impacted them and those around them. Grisham starts off this way, but his audience is a lot different and he’s much quicker to transition to a different strategy. Even though he doesn't spend as much time or detail in the story he tells at the beginning, it works well for him and the way the paper is written it wouldn't be necessary to go as much in depth as Adler. Even though at first glance it looks like a article for sports, but it is more academic in nature and the narration he uses displays this. Even though they do have things in common with this strategy there are some big differences as well. Adler uses something in his article that Grisham touches but doesn't use it as effective, is pathos. the way he does this better is he shares apart of the people in the articles life with you. He shines them in a certain light that makes you feel sorry for them. One example i saw of this is when he talks about Patsy, this happily married mother of three. the way he portrays the encounter between Patsy and her killer is very ruthless, in one paragraph, Patsy is begging for her life and the killer says “oh, your not dead yet”. The emotions are so high in his story, that even if you didn't agree...
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