Analysis of Tape by Richard Linklater

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Tape by Richard Linklater
Richard Linklater shows us thatitisalsopossible to create a goodqualitymoviewithout the help of splendiddecors, costumes and stunning make-ups. From the verybeginning of the movie, the audience findthemselves in the tribune of a tennis match which in the end hasthreewinners.       

In the beginning of the movie, Vincent isintroduced to usas a man thatlatelyhasbroken up with his girlfriend because of hisviolenttendencies. Shortlyafter John entersthe scene, the dialogbetweenthemstarts with the violenttendencies of Vincent and finallyreaches to the unresolvedissuehappened in the last year of high school. Atthispointitisquitenecessary to emphasizethatallthrough the movie the audience isdrawninto the story more and more with the help of wiseconstructions of dialogues.     

Allthreecharactershavetheirownopinionsaboutwhathappenedatthat night in the last year of high school. However, becausethe audience do notknowwhathappened in reality, their opinion takesshape with the characters’ dialogues. Theyseehow John moves from the point he refuses he date rapedAmy, to the point he admitsit and apologizes to Amy. Theyalsoseehowhispoint of viewturnsgraduallyintoVincent’spoint of view. Afterwards, the situation goes in a quitedifferent way whenAmysaysthatshedoesn’tthink an apologyisnecessary. The audience,notknowingwhathappened in reality, positions theirpoint of viewaccording to the changingperspective of the story. Thismultiperspectivityconsequentlybuilds an unstableperception of the truthwhichthey are alreadyfamiliar to in theirlives.     

Afterthat night in the last yearof high school, charactersmoved on with theirlives with differentmemories. The time of theirliveswhichthe audience witnessis the time they come up with differentperspectivesthat are drifted in tenyearsand thatof the same night. The author, using the uncertainty in the thoughts and feelings of Amy, unfolds the fallacies of John and Vincent, bothin aconstructive way. At the...
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