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Topics: Circle MRT Line, Mass Rapid Transit, East West MRT Line Pages: 6 (1849 words) Published: May 15, 2013

Question 4 tests for the satisfactory level of the respondents with respect to four elements. Namely train frequency, crowdedness of trains and stations, quality of the MRT staff service and cleanliness of the trains and stations. The results would be used to evaluate the current performance of SMRT’s performance and show areas where improvement is needed. From the total of 31 respondents of the survey, 100% responded to Question 4 and gave ratings to each element in the question. Ratings for train frequency sastisfaction are generally centralised in the middle with the rating “Satisfied” being the highest rating given with 14 responses. Ratings regarding the crowdedness of the trains and stations are heavily skewed to the left with both ratings “Fair” and “Poor” being the highest rating given with 10 responses. This is the situation that train commuters are currently facing and there are supporting articles relating to the crowdedness of the trains, which can be seen in the appendices. Crowdedness of trains may also be caused due to frequent train breakdowns. There is a central tendency for the sastisfaction of MRT staff service are generally centralised in the middle with the rating of “Fair” being the highest rating given at 17 responses. Ratings for the satisfaction level of cleanliness in trains and stations are generally centralised at the rating “Satisfied” and it being the highest rating given at 18 responses. Therefore to conclude the results collected, train frequency and cleanliness of trains and stations are of satisfactory level, quality of MRT staff service is fair and the concensus of the crowdedness of trains to be at a poor satisfaction level.


The table above shows the crosstab of two elements, the importance of the crowdedness of trains and the age groups of the respondents. From the results shown, both age groups determine that the crowdedness of trains is an important factor to consider in train service, showing a total of 16 responses under the “Important” rating. A similar result can also be found in respondents in the age group of 17-26, achieving 15 ratings in “Important”. From this result, we assume that the importance of crowdedness is fairly high as respondents from this age group is currently either studying or working. Hence, not being able to squeeze into the packed trains during peak period resulted to a late attendance at work or for school. However, the responses from respondents in the age group of 27-36 shows varied responses in 2 ratings, “Least Important” and “Important”. The crowdedness of train may not be that important to respondents of this age group due to the ability to drive to work instead of boarding the crowded trains to work.


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Bus, train ridership hits record
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6 February 2013
Straits Times
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PUBLIC transport ridership has hit another record, fuelled by a growing population, an expanded rail network and measures to curb car ownership and usage. According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the number of rides on buses and trains sailed past the six million mark to another record of 6.13 million trips a day last year. Rail ridership led the growth with a 10.1 per cent gain to 2.65 million trips a day - the third consecutive double-digit increase. This has largely been on the back of the new Circle Line, which fully opened in October 2011. In January last year, its Marina Bay extension opened. According to operator SMRT Corp, ridership on the new line is now about 340,000 a day. The new line also contributed to a "network effect", where ridership of the rail network often increases by more than the number of commuters on a new route. Bus ridership grew by 2.8 per cent to 3.48 million trips, driven partly by a government-funded fleet expansion. Transport Minister Lui...
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