Analysis of Major Vocabulary Terms: Wuthering Heights

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Trey’s Wuthering Heights Vocab List: Remember folks, use CTRL+F to search this X/Y/Z = X Y Z; the /’s are spaces
Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-9, Chapters 10-17, Chapters 18-24, Chapters 25-30, Chapters 31-34 Misanthropist: Hates mankind
Manifested: To appear (also: ship’s cargo)
Flags: Flat stones used to pave walkways
Soliloquize: Talking to yourself
Peevish: Having strong annoyance; Pissed-off
Ejaculation: Sudden forceful speech HURR DURR LETS USE THIS ON EVERY LINE OF THE BOOK Surly: Rude, unfriendly
Penetralium: Innermost part (of a building)
Sundry: Various, separate
Stalwart: Hardy, sturdy
Gypsy: Wandering people, GIVE ME YOUR TEARS GYPSY
Slovenly: Untidy/dirty
Morose: Gloomy
Impertinence: Absurdity (you got this, right?)
Vis/a/Vis: Face-to-face with (it’s French)
Tacit: Implied, silent
Physiognomy: Judgment by facial features
Vexatious: Anger, confusion, disorder (all of those)
Loath: Reluctant (not loathe)
Prudential: To be careful, cautious
Laconic: Using few words; short/brief
Essay: To attempt (THIS IS NOT THE NOUN FORM, DO NOT CONFUSE WITH NOUN FORM) In/a/pet: State of ill humor
Corrugated: Wrinkled, folded
Assiduity: Diligence
Sagacity: Sound judgment (no bias?)
Reprobate: Deprived of moral values (demons, etc)
Malignity: Malevolence
Ensconcing: Sheltering, snug (This chair is ensconcing me; yes, it IS a verb) Postern: Private entrance (backdoor)
Copestone: Top stone, “the last straw”
Miscreants: Heretical, villainous (HERESY)
Virulency: Hostility, having a temper
Vapid: Lacking interest, dull
Dilapidation: Falling into a state of decay (don’t use with living things, it just doesn’t work) Garret: Attic (of a house)
Asseverated: To declare
Owd/Nick: Old Nick; The Devil (it’s a saying)
Lachrymose: Mournful
Seventy/Times/Seventy: Religious rule about forgiving often (just remember “forgiveness”) Tenacious: Persistent
The/yell/was/not/ideal: When Lockwood didn’t know he was yelling (shouting when you don’t mean to) Maxillary: Your jaw-bone
Changeling: Child that magically replaces another child (evil demons, spirits, etc) Querulous: Complaining
Grimalkin: Spiritual form of a cat; Cat-demon (FILTHY GRIMALKIN; Kevin should get this one) Orisons: Prayers (religious)
Sotto/voce: In an undertone (aside)
Egress: Go out (yes)
Impalpable: Difficult to grasp, mentally or physically
Exotic: FOREIGN, NOT SEXUAL (this is a noun, btw)
Indigenae: Natives (Native Americans)
Liverpool: Large British seaport, filled with poverty
Bairns: Children
Interloper: One who intrudes into a field unannounced
Who/made/the/living/answer/by: Who made a living (money) by doing something Evincing: To display, to show
Cant: To beg, to speak hypocritically (IT’S A VERB, NO APOSTROPHE) Vociferated: Shout, cry-out
Execrations: Curse
Culpable: Blamable
Lascar: Asian or Indian sailor
Expostulating: To express disagreement of disapproval
Negus: Spiced beverage (I like this word)
Beaver: Heavy woolen cloth
Discomfiture: Embarrassment
Dour: Gloomy
Equanimity: Mental stability (sound-mind)
Prognosticate: To forecast, predict
Consumption: Disease that eats away at the body (think Tuberculosis) Doggedly: Stubborn
Dissipation: Overindulgence, wasteful
Hector: Bully (it’s a verb)
Antipathy: Disgust (think opposite of sympathy)
Petulantly: Fretful, worry
Imperiously: Arrogant
Assiduously: Very careful
Waxed: Became, grew
Livid: Bluish (color), angry (used with both definitions)
Consternation: Shocked dismay, alarmed
Timidity: Shy
Blasphemer: One who commits a BLASPHEMY
Imprecations: Cursing someone
Grat: Wept
Mools: Mounds of earth over a grave
Winsome: Charming
Catechism: Formal series of questions (interview)
Injudicious: Without judgment
Fate/of/Milo: Eaten by wolves (yes)
Bled: Drew blood (medical reasons)
Munificent: Very generous
Dilatory: Slow (wasting time)
Phalanx: Tight group of things; finger/toe bone (used both...
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