Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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How’s it going? In my opinion, this book is becoming more confusing, as well as interesting. Dramatic and weird things are happening that keep surprising me and leaving me in wonder. One thing that leaves me sorrowful; is the fact that Catherine and Heathcliff never got to be together. Although, if they did, this would completely transform the story. That would entirely change how this story advances. So far, I am enjoying the plot, but the writing is still confusing to me. The writing is a bit advanced for my level, but I am learning to get used to it, although there are many times where I am left with questions. Times where I am left wondering.

A reaction to a character or event in the plot. One decision that really surprised me was when Heathcliff decided to pursue Isabelle. At first I was confused at the events that were occurring involving Heathcliff and Isabelle and how they were falling in love. But then Heathcliff’s real motives were revealed. His intentions were to marry Isabelle and punish her, for Catharine and Edgar causing him pain. I thought this was very cruel of Heathcliff because I thought he had a good heart and soul. I assumed Heathcliff to be a sensitive man, but this decision of his transformed my impression of him. I personally felt extremely sympathetic towards Isabelle because she was in the middle of this mess.

A question I had and an answer I came up with. One question I had earlier in the book was “What type of role will Nelly play in this book?” She ends up playing a big role because she was there throughout the all of the events that occurred in Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange and ends up telling the whole story to Lockwood. I think it is interesting how Bronte made Nelly the connection because she was just a servant, causing the audience to think she was just a minor character. Turns out, Nelly knows the inside scoop on everything, and I think she will play a major role later on.

An “aha” moment. One important...
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