Analysis of Business Specialties 1

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Business Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: August 2, 2008
Analysis of Business Specialties
A careful analysis of all the skills within the team concluded that all are well suited to start a consulting company that specializes in providing technical solutions in the area of sales and marketing for growing companies. Our company, Daedalus Consulting, offers cutting edge technical solutions to all companies that are interested in increasing efficiency in sales and marketing. In edition, Daedalus Consulting will provide management with real time updates on all sales information and promotional information. Always stay on top of the newest developments in today’s technology can be very hard; yet, this is where Daedalus Consulting will help and bring the newest solutions to the customer. When building a new business from the ground many issues can occur that need to be addressed. Most of the startup issues fall into four categories: funding, marketing, resources, and legal. Before any company can become operational, funding needs to be in place to cover expenses. Before seeking funding a business plan needs to be developed. “A business plan is a literal blueprint for business success (Bachler, 2007).” The plan should define both the short-term and long-term objects and goals of the company. Once the business plan has been developed and refined, the next step is securing funding. In order to secure funding, what type and how much funding has to be determined, then how to get the funding (Caley, 2007). Without funding the company will not be realized. Marketing is critical to the company, without a customer base the company can not exist. Resources are important to a company. Daedalus Consulting already has most of the labor resources available; however, structure resource will need to be acquired. This includes not only a location but the infrastructure to support the business. Legal has to be one of the more important categories since issues can develop. Any company needs to be protected from legal actions;...
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