Analysis of an Undeveloped Village

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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I have researched in various fields about the problems of the rural peoples. I, with the help of my friends have visited 14 villages, 261 houses, and made a detailed report about their problems; which I depicted below. Drinking water problem:

* Out of 261 families, only 7 are having pipe water supply, which is 2.6% of the all. * Only 14 families use purifiers, which is 5.3% of the overall, in their houses. Electricity:
* Out of 14 villages I visited, 8 of them have electricity supply. The rest of the villages are still in dark. * 120 houses have electricity supply, which is 46% of the all. * Further, most of them suffer 8-10 hours of power cut daily, which is completely devastating. In summer, the situation becomes more critical. Cooking Gas Facility:

* 50 houses out of 261 has gas facility for cooking purpose, which is 19.15% of the all. * Others use woods for the same, for which they are destroying forests, causing deforestation as well as air and environmental pollution. Cultivation:

* 116 families depends on cultivation for their livelihood, which is 44.44% of the whole. * But, due to adoptance of traditional cultivation method, they yield a very little from their farm. * Most of the others are labours, working in different parts in India. Water supply for cultivation:

* Out of 116 families depending on cultivation, not even a single has water supply for their farms. * They don't use any modern machines, rather carries water from its source to their farms by using buckets etc., which is another main drawback of their cultivation method.
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