Views on Tourism in Castleton

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Viewpoints on the impact on the natural and built environment of Castleton area I am going to include the opinions and viewpoints of a variety of people about the impact of tourism on Castleton. These people will include local residents of different age groups and tourists in Castleton. These have been collected in a questionnaire survey. Table showing views of different people about tourism in Castleton Person| Views on tourism impact on natural environment| Views on tourism Impact on built environment| 10 year old resident| | •Streets are crowded due to Tourists so no space for playing•Most services for tourists and not enough services for children and residents like swimming pool and cinema•Have to go to other villages nearby to access these facilities•Cannot usually get their own car through the gates as the tourists often block it| Retired Resident| | •Not enough shops for residents as most shops have been changed to gift shops for tourists.•So cannot buy basic grocery due to lack of shops for residents•There used to be a policeman and library which has now been closed down and there is no policemen•There is no bus in the village as most tourists use their own cars.•He usually gets frightened by ‘noisy tourists’ and is afraid to go out in the evening| Farmer| •Visitors walk over field and trample the vegetation •Tourists leave gates open and knock the walls down damaging his farm| •He has some of outbuildings into holiday accommodation and bed and breakfasts which helps earn more money by tourists staying there.•The road and the footpath size has been increased for the tourists and their cars.•Dogs of tourists frighten hiss animals who run and get lost from the flock•Whenever he takes a flock it gets difficult to move through the village due to tourists crowding up the village.| Day visitor| | •Very busy and crowded by lots of other tourists •Difficult to park as no parking space•No space in the village to have picnic as lots of...
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