Analysis of an Antacid

Topics: Antacid, Hydrochloric acid, Calcium carbonate Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Analysis of an Antacid
In this lab report we will discuss the results of the ‘Determining the Most Effective Antacids’ lab. In this lab we tested different brands of antacids to find out which will be the most effective at neutralizing acids. We will test this by seeing how much drops of hydrochloric acid (HCl) are required to neutralize a certain amount of the antacid. Antacids are used to resist heartburn. We sometimes use them to treat this because antacids are a mild base that can neutralize acids in our stomachs, such as HCl. The purpose of this lab is to see how well each antacid neutralize hydrochloric acid. Procedure:

1. Obtain two burets, one for use with the HCl and others for use with the NaOH. 2. Record the exact molarity as they appear on the stock bottles. 3. Determine the mass of each of you antacid tablets.

4. Dispense 25 mL of HCl solution into the Erlenmeyer flask, and then add one of the antacid tablets to the flask. 5. Bring the solution to a boil to dispel any undissolved CO2. 6. Add two or three drops of an indicator to our antacid mixture. 7. Titrate antacid mixture with the NaOH solution until we have reached the end point of the indicator used.

Mass tablet| VHCl| Vinitial NaOH| Vfinal NaOH| #moles HCl neutralized By antacid/ g tablet| x̄ - x| ( x̄ - x )2| 1.29 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 18 mL| 0.0055961 mol/g| 0.0024959| 6.22952*10-6| 1.221 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 17 mL| 0.0067452907 mol/g| 0.00134671| 1.8136*10-6| 1.24 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 18.9 mL| 0.005083629 mol/g| 0.003| 9.050296*10-6| 1.273 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 16.2 mL| 0.00714 mol/g| 9.52*10-4| 9.063*10-7| 1.289 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 15.2 mL| 0.0078 mol/g| 2.92*10-4| 8.5264*10-8| 1.248 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 10.6 mL| 0.01185 mol/g| -0.003758| 1.412*10-5| 1.29 g| 25 mL| 0 mL| 9.3 mL| 0.01243 mol/g| -0.00434| 1.8818*10|

Average x̄ = 0.008092 mol/g ∑ (x̄ - x) 2 = 5.102298*10-5 Standard...
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