Analysis of Alex Pardee's Artwork

Topics: Leprosy, Want, Kingdom of Heaven Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: March 26, 2011
And so he bathed in the blood of the lepers. Why would anyone want to bathe in the blood of a leper? They’re infected people. Rejected. Shunned. Unwanted. Useless. Or is that how society chooses to view them? Good morning fellow classmates.

What is a leper anyway? In the past, it was simply a disease. When you caught this disease you were isolated. Taken out of society, never to return again. Your life would never be the same again. As time passed this disease obviously died out. Nowadays not many people have leprosy in its serious form. But we do have leprosy of a different sort. This leprosy is even worse than the physical illness. It is something that gets worse over time and will continue to do so unless we as human beings decide to change our actions. Today, those who are different are thought to be lepers. These people should be rejected, shunned. They are unusual, strange; we cannot accept what they believe in. Why is this so? Why have we been brainwashed so thoroughly by the media that we don’t see that being different is something we humans create in our minds. People are “different” only because we label them to be that way. They are lepers, only because we make them so. What is so bad really about being a leper? Being different? This image addresses these questions. We can see that in the image there are two odd looking creatures who are bleeding onto a hand with a chicken’s head. This chicken’s head is dripping in blood while there is a small bar of soap at its feet. The only thing in colour is the blood which signifies that it symbolises something important. And so he bathed in the blood of the lepers. By this phrase we understand that the creature in the middle is the object which is “bathing in the blood”. Again, why would anyone want to bathe in the blood of leper? Well why not? In this case the two odd looking creatures would be the lepers. If the lepers in this image represent people who are different, then it could...
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