Analyisis on Rave Parties

Topics: Research, Rave, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Individual Research Article Analysis on Rave Parties
CJA/334 Version 3
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Aug 31, 2011

Individual Research Article Analysis on Rave Parties
The purpose of this research paper was to prove that cooperative measures between law enforcement personnel and Rave venue promoters could introduce a plan that would help eliminate unnecessary dangers to rave party participants through the introduction of a harm reduction program. The research was developed through the use of the triangulation research method by involving several facets of research analysis. * The purpose of the research was to identify the leading problem with rave parties, and the drugs associated with these events. The problem is that these events are now worldwide and have developed increasingly more dangerous because of the diversity and attraction to age, and gender. It seems that no one is immune to the diverse attraction of these parties due to the environment of the rave event itself. * Some of the questions to this study are: Can drug consumption be diverted? Can overdose of drugs be prevented? Can drug use be prevented? How many medical emergencies are attributable to raves? What are e the particular medical conditions? Which types of drugs contribute to those conditions? * The Classical research method was used to research data from police arrests records, surveys from participants, medical data from hospitals, and drug arrests data on illicit drugs apprehended during raves, and sexual assault records of participants at raves. * Some of the operational definitions used by the researcher for this topic were the actual measurements of effectiveness in target areas, and control areas such as; validity measures for the number of medical emergencies, severity of emergencies, number of complaints about noise, traffic, and other nuisances related to raves. * An example of inductive logic, and one example of deductive logic presented in...
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