Research Process and Terminology

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Research Process and Terminology
Performing a research requires a person with integrity and a strong will to continue until the research is complete and he or she is satisfied that the research was done to his or her best ability. When documenting the findings the researcher must report a complete finding of all data including information that may not be a promising as he or she would like. Researching is about finding out the likely hood of an event or crime. The researcher should begin the research not knowing, or expecting a particular outcome. Research is to better prepare the universe for what may occur giving certain situations. The integrity of the researcher will determine how valid the information from the research will be. Research is an important part of criminal justice. Effective research can determine the crime rate and possible ways of crime prevention. Terminology within the criminal justice system is a key factor in understanding and communication information effectively. The lack of proper terminology when translating research data can be detrimental to a case. The criminal justice system has various research methods utilized in the system. The common research method is quantitative research. Quantitative is the concepts of assigning a numerical value. This method provides numerous ways to retrieve data, and use primarily to study the cause of crime. This method can also be used to determine patterns in situations involving criminal justice. The process of research in the criminal justice system has five general steps: problem formulation, research design, data collection, analysis and presentation, and conclusion. Problem formulation is selecting a problem to research. When selecting a research problem factor in the current state of the problem, the holes in the theory, and the funding to perform the research. The research design is determined the type of experiment to be performed, or a study group. Data collection is...
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