Analogical Design

Topics: Earth, Universe, Human Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Analogical Design Argument
Even though most people are raised in a religious environment, there is a question that crosses their mind at one point in time and that question is whether or not God really exists. Can someone really just take someone’s word for it? Can someone really believe a book that was supposedly written hundreds of years ago? No matter what religion a person practices there comes a time where that question crosses their mind. Many philosophers have debated this for years and even decades. The philosophers created arguments and only one of which really makes sense. The analogical design argument is an argument about God’s existence. It compares the universe in which we live to a machine and the function of the machine.

This argument is very easy for most people to understand. It basically states that the universe was put together in such a way that a magnificent being is behind it. That magnificent being would be God. This planet was put together like a machine. Everything plays into one another. For example: the water cycle. The water evaporates from the body of water here on Earth. Then there is condensation and it rains, which is also known as precipitation, and then the collection of water goes back into the lakes, rivers and oceans; where it starts over again. This water cycle plays in part with the plant life and the food chain. Without this water cycle there would not be plants. Without plants there would not be any food for the animals and therefore no food for humans. Who created these life cycles? They were created as if they were to play off of one another to keep the Earth going.

There is even the human body. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body and everything within a human body works together. Each organ within the body has a specific job. If this job is not done then things get out of hand. When a woman gets pregnant the body works together with the fertilized egg and the body creates a new being. This is by far the...
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