An Unforgotten Hero

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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An Unforgotten Hero

~Based off a Chinese Myth~

Before the earth was created; before we have this beautiful world; before there was what we now call mankind. There’s nothing except Wager, a pocket-like thing without any opening, in the frightening darkness of space. No Sun, no planets, no comets, no asteroids, no moons… And there were, of course, the bad guys, Wager’s evil younger twin brothers, Goz and Mus. One day, the three brothers were discussing about the seven apertures on a human face, and both Goz and Mus wanted to sculpt them on Wager, since it had only a brain and body. Wager on the other hand, wasn’t too hot about the idea, but it’s too proud and brave to object. It can’t bear to say no, so it too, agreed on the deal. The second day, they went straight to work. But no one had expected that all these were part of the twins’ plan to kill their older brother. Even though Goz and Mus tried everything they can to save Wager, it still died because of the holes. Not long after Wager’s death, a creature appeared inside Wager, who was called Pand. After 18,000 years of sleep in the “basket”, Pand woke and increased 1,000 times in size. After a while, Pand found it hard to breathe and difficult to see in the scaring and cold darkness, as if in a black hole that is 20,000 miles under the ground! Pand tried to ignore it at first, but a few days later, he’s panting from day to night… He couldn’t take it anymore. Pand’s anger had grown from a tiny flame to a forest fire; he took out one of his teeth crossly and used his powers to transform it into a magical ax. He began to slash around, searching for any openings that might bring light and fresh air. A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month…

Finally, a year had gone by, Pand was done. He broke free of his “home”, and gulped greedily for fresh air. Enjoying his freedom, he took a step forward, then another… Until, on the seventh step, he tripped and fell downward...
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