What Is a Hero to Me

Topics: Hero, Santa Claus, Woman Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: March 3, 2013
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Hero to me is a person or an animal that is able to put a smile on a human face and make others feel comfortable and safe, without further thinking. People can’t call themselves heroes because they do not have superpowers, however people do heroic things. People don’t have to do big things to become heroes, they can do little things and that still make them heroes. Animals can do similar things. When I was a little girl I believed that a hero is a rich person who will always buy candies and toys for kids, since their parents could not afford it, a person like Santa Claus or someone who will make poor children happy. In my neighborhood there were many children like me, looking for a new toy around holydays or birthday, but not everyone was lucky. Parents who did not work and struggle with poverty ruin little dreams of a new toy for children quickly. I believed that my hero will bring me a toy every year, and he did but one year he stopped and I never knew why. My mother told me that, my hero has nothing to give me this year, I was disappointed. When I grew older I got used to the fact that toys and all the good stuff, where no longer important, since I had to wear the same pants for a year. My hero turns his back on me, I thought. It make me feel very angry that I had no clothes and my shoes where torn. I wish for a new pair of shoes every year and since my mother was doing her best to get me one I had to be very patient. I finally understood that the hero who brought me all the things I need was my mother. Yes, my mother is one of my hero or heroine a woman version of a hero. My mother is a typical Polish woman, she do her best to make everybody happy. My mother always supports my family: she provides me and my brother better future. She tried to make up for everything she couldn’t do for us back in Poland. My mother works twelve to thirteen hours a day, her job is very hard and dangerous for her health. My mother work for...
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