An Unforgettable Experience: the Apple of the Eye

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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An Unforgettable Experience

“ Darling, your dad and I will be going out for a while.”

What followed almost immediately was the banging of closing door, keys weaving into the keyholes, these metals strips being rotated.

Then silence.

I am the biggest apple of my parents’ eyes, given the fact that I am the only child in the family. It is therefore not surprising to see them buying whatever I want, and getting the latest gadget seemed pedestrian. Household chores are neither a necessity nor optional, as they have hired a domestic worker, at my beck and calls. I always had my way, always. Just recently, dad brought grandma to our house and she will be staying with us. She had a stroke and dad just wanted to be her filial son. But, it just irks me to have her around here. The maid attends to her needs every half and hour—there was once when I had to wait 10 minutes to even get Wanwan to bring water to me. Mom and Dad were too preoccupied with grandma’s affairs that mine became invisible and no matter how many times I requested a PSP Vita, they would just brush me aside.

I could hear something. Something weak and frail, sounding desperate, sounding helpess. It dawned on me it could be grandma, probably needing something now. Heaving an audible sigh of frustration, I reached lazily for the red button just beside my desk.

“Ding-dong…ding-dong” ,the ringing of the bell resonated in the high ceilings above me, the high-pitched sound waves reaching me almost instantly. I could still hear the continued reverberation of the ringing, stuck in my head. I punched the button once more, as clouds of impatience gathered over my already warm head. The same echo of the ringing was heard once more, the same emptiness.

That’s it! I’m getting Wanwan fired now! I boomed out the room, thousands torpedoes of anger came right at me, as temperatures soared around me. Again, I heard the faint and fragile moaning sounds from my grandma’s room.

“Argh! “. Signs...
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