An Unforgettable Adventure

Topics: Cat, Pool, Swimming pool Pages: 2 (913 words) Published: November 9, 2010
An Unforgettable Adventure
The water was dark and threatening; I took a deep breath and jumped. Thankfully, I’m a good swimmer. However, I wasn’t prepared for the icy intensity of the water. Panic hovered on the fringes of my brain, ready to overwhelm me. I felt numb, heavy; I could barely see anything as it was pitch dark except for the two fiery eyes burning brightly across me, the eyes of the creature responsible for my wet and frosty state. The sky was overcast and star-less, at times the hazy impression of the moon could be seen or was I imagining things? How on earth was I going to find Minnie! I was flailing my arms and legs in an attempt to warm p, my eyes desperately scanning the large swimming pool. I could make out the vague shapes of the large deck chairs, but no sign of Minnie. I took a deep breath and dived towards the bottom of the pool. Just an hour ago, life was a smooth sail, as mundane as any other weekend in cold Matheran. My family and friends had come to our bungalow for a nice relaxing holiday after a grueling final exam. Post dinner, everyone had retired for the day and I had decided to sit on my porch and read. Sitting next to me was my caretakers cute pet Minnie, that I had grown to like and care. Minnie was a Siamese cat, had lovely soft fur and emerald green eyes. We had bought her a beautiful collar with real silver and gold chains which my caretaker appreciated. Many people had tried to befriend Minnie and some had even tried to rob her! Enjoying the peaceful pleasant night, I was so engrossed in my book that I was hardly aware of the local dogs barking loudly. I did not notice a suspicious looking figure lurking in the bushes near our bungalow wall. Suddenly, the lights went off. The sudden darkness startled me. Never before during our stay had we had a power cut in the night! I looked around and noticed that the street lights too were off. I tried to grope my way into the hall, when I heard a loud scared mewing sound of the cat....
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