An Investigation Into Attitudes Toward Disability

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An Investigation Into Attitudes Toward Disability

In this report I will investigate peoples attitude towards disability in society today. Many people have different attitude toward disabled people. There are certain stereotypes that many people in society often link with disabled people. These are a few of those stereotypes: aggressive, tragic and in need of pity and receivers of charity. Some people see people with disabilities as incapable, inadequate and of low intelligence, a super crip, someone who is marvellous, exceptional or inspirational, a person who has courage and bravery, people that smile and are cheerful in the face if adversity or someone who is bitter with a chip on their shoulder.

To understand the different aspects of disability, two models have been created; these are the social model and the medical model. The medical model is where the disabled person is seen as being the problem; the body is seen as sick and in need of a cure. The opinion of the medical model is that a successful cure or rehabilitation will make the disabled person normal. The social model is where the medical condition of the disabled is seen as being just part of the problem. The opinion of the social model is that society is prepared only to fulfil the needs of non disabled people. My investigation will use an access audit, and two articles to explore attitude towards disabled people and to identify any barriers they face in terms of access and attitude. I will consider what attitudes towards disabled people are suggested and communicated by these are sources. I shall highlight whether or not the sources offer a positive or negative view of disability. I shall consider the common stereotypes of disabled people and see if any of the sources reflect them.

The access audit

My access audit will be based on two sections of Stanton bury campus in Milton Keynes. I will go around the upper level and Dansteed hall and investigate accessibility from the viewpoint of a wheelchair.

I will look at disabled parking, entrances to classrooms, desk height and suitability to a wheelchair occupier. I will also look at toilet facilities, classroom space and all doors and fire exits.

Stanton bury campus is a school designed to fulfil the needs of disabled children. The school is divided into two main sections Dansteed and Portway halls and the other, Saxon and Grafton halls. Dansteed and Portway halls are the halls designed for children with disabilities such as wheelchair occupants. Whereas Saxon and Grafton are the halls designed for the hearing impaired.

Below are some of the things I took into consideration when looking at the facilities available in Dansteed and upper level and some of the things I found out:



General access

Is there parking available as near as possible to these section?



Is the access from Dansteed to upper level safe?

No because you have to go through the car park as the path is quite steep.

No because of the car park

Are desks suitable for wheel chair users?

No it is unable to write or use the desks comfortably

No, but some classrooms provide suitable desks

Is there enough table space and manoeuvring space for wheel chair users?

No. The tables are too close together


Are there ramps?



Are doors automatic?



Are the doors wide enough?

The main doors are but other classroom doors are just wide enough


Are doors easy to use?



Are there any obstacles while moving from class to class?



Are fire exits easily accessible?

Not in all classrooms but they are clearly marked but there are also steps at every fire exit

Yes and they all are clearly marked

Are fire exits wide enough for a wheelchair?

Just about


Disabled toilets

Do doors open inwards or outwards?...
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