An Introduction to Working with Children

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Unit 1- An Introduction to Working with Children
The first type of setting I’m going to choose is a Speech and Language therapist, this is a statutory provision. This is a service which has to be available by law. Speech and Language therapist help children who have trouble with their speech, if a practitioner feels that the child doesn’t speak a lot for their age comparing to the norm of children around them then they will contact this setting who will then come round and help the child develop their speech. Not only do they help with speech but if there is baby who has difficulties in swallowing and feeding then the Speech and Language therapist will help for that occasion to. They visit all types of setting such as schools, day nurseries and children’s centres so that the child can develop their speech but at the same time stay in their setting. This setting aims to support families and children by helping the family to find different ways in which they can communicate with their child, they will also provide the family with ideas on how they can improve the speech of their child or give them new feeding techniques for babies. For a private provision I am going to choose a Jersey GP, this is a profit making setting. GP’s in jersey are paid for there are several different GP companies and they are all private. On occasions they will do home visits but it is most common to go up to the setting and visit your GP. Each family or person will have a GP which they would have been with for years and that is known as a family GP. A GP supports children and their families when they are ill and will provide them with medication or even if they have any concerns about their child the GP will help them out and sometimes put them through to another service if needed like the hospital. A voluntary provision would be a youth club; voluntary provisions are services which get their money from charities, donations from publics and grants from the government. Youth clubs are usually on in the afternoon and it gives children time to get together and enjoy themselves by playing games or just a chance to socialise with different people. They tend to provide snacks and drinks for children and do group activities. It gives their parents time to relax or do important things without worrying about what to do for the children.

The main legislation in my country which is used to support the rights of children is the Children (Jersey) law 2002. This legislation supports the rights of children right up to the age of 18 years. This law was put in place to protect the children and their rights. It contains information and laws about care and provision for children. It also contains information the parental responsibility over a child, the welfare of a child. Here are a few things that Jersey children’s law look at in children within that age range- “-Looked after children

-Care and supervision
-Protection of children
-Employment of children
-Care homes and fostering
-Supervision orders”
H.Davies (17th October 2011)
Class handout
This law also gives us laws which protect children whilst they are in care and gives us a lot of information about contact with children whilst they are in care. Jersey also follows another programme which is every child matters. This programme is to make sure every child is treated fairly no matter what background they have, how rich or poor they are or how capable they are due to disabilities. This programme will make sure that the child and the family gets support and makes sure that they stay safe, healthy and make sure that no matter what they are happy. It is important that this programme is in place because we want to look after and support children and make sure the community works together to achieve this for children.

The EYFS is the recognised framework which underpins the values and principles of working with young children. The EYFS is a quality framework which supports children’s learning and...
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